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Welcome to Water to my Plant

The place where your are going to save the trees.

With a post-apocalyptic world in your hands, you will have to get the water (with the help of the accelerometer) to a seed of a tree through obstacles in each level, taking care of   time so the seed does not die and be able to reforest the planet with each of them.


This will be a side-view  game in 2 dimensions, where you will have to take the  water to a seed to grow a tree and finish the level before the time ends,   .

The player will only have control of the movement of the gravity by rotating his cell phone on the X and Y axes (with the help of the accelerometer). In each level you will have to overcome obstacles (enemies).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenTimeStudio/

Install instructions

-Download the APK file.

-Transfer to your device (Only for Android).

-Intall and Enjoy!


WTMP.apk 40 MB

Also available on

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